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Inside Volunteer

Serve inside the institutions with fellow Kairos volunteers during three-day weekends as well as additional prayer and share events. Interested in more information on volunteer inside? Request more information here.

Attend a Closing

Come to the Closing Ceremony on Sunday of the scheduled weekend and be a witness to the glorious work of the Holy Spirit.  You must submit an application and be approved to attend the Closing.  Choose the institution you are interested in  for an application, a map, and dress guidelines for the Closing.

Lives are being redeemed in one of the darkest places on earth – prisons.  It takes a virtual army of volunteers to be the hands and feet of Christ in this mission.  Some actually go into the prison for the 3 day event and some cook meals while many, many others contribute donations, posters, placemats, cookies, and write letters.  All can be in prayer.

Your contributions are part of God’s plan to bring the light of Christ into this very dark place.  Thank you for being willing to be in His plan.

Kitchen Volunteer

Assist the inside weekends outside the institution by joining a kitchen team to help create the meals that will be taken into institutions around the state. Looking for a kitchen to volunteer with? Let us know and we will connect you!

Cookie Baking

A few hundred-thousand dozens of cookies are sent into Ohio prisons each year representing God’s unfaltering love. Assist the ministry by baking cookies that will be shared inside institutions around the state. Homemade cookies, filled with prayer and love become tangible examples of the love of God poured out by His family.

What Kind of Cookies? Chocolate Chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter are favorites.

Cookie “Please Do’s”

  • Cool, Cool, Cool !!! Otherwise they stick
  • Using copy paper boxes, stack cooled    cookies in single layers separated by waxed paper.
  • Mark cookie count and cookie type on outside of box.
  • Freeze until you can arrange for delivery to a team member

Cookie “Please Don’t Do’s”  

  • Don’t add icing or toppings to the cookies

For more information on ingredient restrictions or institutions in need of cookies, simply ask here.


From poster creation to to place-mat decorating and letter writing, agape is integral to each Kairos weekend. Want to upload posters, notes or artwork for the community to use? Simply upload here.

Sponsor an Inmate

You can help an inmate come heart to heart with the love of God by financially sponsoring him/her for the Kairos 3 day weekend.  It costs $ 200 per inmate, or $ 1,200 per table family.  Families, reunion groups, and Sunday school classes can help sponsor an inmate into a new life – one based on Christ.

You can donate by clicking here or mailing checks to: Kairos Prison Ministry of Ohio; P.O. Box #14490 Columbus, Ohio 43214.


Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, reunion groups, youth groups, and even families can make a poster that expresses the hope found in Christ.

These messages of love from the Body of Christ have a powerful impact on hardened hearts.

Poster Guidelines

What is on the poster is not so important. It can be a simple trace of hands or a beautiful work of art.

  • It should have the name of the group
  • It should have the group’s signatures (if kids, first name only and age)
  • No stickers or glue.


At each meal, placemats made by children are used.  These hand made placemats are powerful tools of the Holy Spirit that can break open a lifetime of sorrow and let the love of Christ in.

Letters of Hope

Write letters from God’s family to the inmate expressing God’s love.

  • Address to “Dear Brother in Christ”
  • Don’t seal the envelope
  • Short “note” from children has an Incredible impact for Christ!
  • Children (first name only and age)

Green Agape

Support the Kairos Ohio Prison Ministry through financial giving.