KAIROS TORCH is a mentoring ministry to incarcerated offenders age 25 and under that addresses all facets of the youthful offenderʼs life including mental health, socialization and decision making. The Kairos Torch program encourages young offenders to realize their potential through creating a safe environment, allowing them to learn what life can be like in a loving, caring and trusting community. The overriding goal of Kairos Torch is enhancing self-esteem, promoting constructive life choices, developing relationship and community and stopping the spiral that can only lead to further trouble. This is achieved by encouraging participants to embrace and develop a biblical worldview through which their choices and subsequent actions are governed.

Kairos Torch

Mentors are trained Christian volunteers with diversity in denominations, gender, race and age who undergo the scrutiny of a background check. The pairs use a structured guide that includes 63 sessions of discussion that begin with a Bible verse which acts as a springboard to discuss topics such as self-esteem, anger management, parental relationships, short and long-term goal setting and forgiveness. The impact and benefit of the program is that the participants attain a renewed view of themselves, they build self-esteem, begin to make constructive life choices, establish positive relationships and community — all of which result in hope for the future and a chance to break the cycle of crime.