Speaker Bureau Evaluation

We genuinely thank you for the opportunity to share how Kairos Prison Ministry impacts lives and society through building and maintaining a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are always striving to improve our message and highly value any feedback you are comfortable supplying.

A representative from the Central Ohio Speaker Bureau will contact you shortly to follow up with any additional needs.

Please evaluate following statements by entering your response where Score=:
1 = poor 2 = could be better 3 = average 4 = good 5 = excellent n/a=Not Applicable

Pre meeting promotion was effective

The meeting agenda, purpose and objectives were clearly stated

The meeting purpose and objectives were achieved

The meeting time was convenient

The meeting place was convenient

Meeting presenters were interesting and effective

Supplied information materials were helpful

Meeting participants were actively involved/motivated

Post meeting follow up for interested participants was clear and appropriate

What aspects of this meeting were particularly good? (Please give detailed response)

What aspects of this meeting need improvement?

Is there anyone you recommend we contact to do this presentation (Name, Organization and Contact Information)?

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