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Contact: Pat Crotty

DCI #16

Weekend Leader: Letty Allen

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Testimonial by Sheila Luther
I spent 13 years in prison where my life was transformed. In 1996, I was chosen to go through a Kairos prison ministry weekend at Ohio Reformatory for Women. This was a beginning of the spiritual journey to know and love God as my friend.
The Kairos weekend changed my life and greatly guided me spiritually in my prison journey until I left prison in 2006. Immediately following my release from prison, I stopped at a church where I could thank God for watching over me in prison and where I dedicated my life to serving Him in the free world.
Today, I have become a woman who reaches back to the incarcerated women through prison ministries like Kairos. I communicate to the women in prison that they, too, can change their lives with this friend named God, just as I did.
I share the love of prison ministry with my wonderful husband, Lex. Together, we devote much of our free time to bringing the good news of Christ to the incarcerated.
I went from once being abused by a man, to now being empowered through God. I am so very grateful for the Kairos prison ministry and how they showed me the unconditional love and forgiveness of Christ.

Reunion is 1st Thursday from 6:00pm-8:00pm arriving at the prison at 5:30. (Granola bars, cheese, crackers, fruit, vegetables, go-gurts and cookies)

Retreat Planning Meeting TBD. 7:00 pm. Christ UMC, 3440 Shroyer Rd Dayton, OH 45429

Retreat is 19 January, 2019, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Advisory Council of DCI meets monthly and consists of:
Advisory Council Chair
Vice Chair
State Chapter Community Representative
Kairos Donor Coordinator (Financial Secretary)
Institutional Liaison Coordinator
Outreach/Recruiting Coordinator
Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator
Agape Coordinator
Clergy/Spiritual Director
Continuing Ministry Coordinator
Data Coordinator
Communications Coordinator


Prayer and Share is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Thursdays from 6:00pm-7:00pm arriving at the prison at 5:45.

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To sign up for closing - contact the Advising Leader, Angie Miller at

The closing for DCI #16 is TBD. The Closing and arrival time will be determined by the Institution, and posted once received. Bring only your drivers license and your car key.

Your name must be on the closing list or you will not be allowed in.

Dress Code:
Dress Modestly and Conservatively
Wear Slacks or jeans
Women can wear capris but they must come below the knee while sitting
Skirts or dresses must come below the knee while sitting
No Khaki color
No blue shirts
No sleeveless shirts
No shorts
No sandals - shoes must be closed toe and have a back
No heavy jewelry
No writing or logos on your clothing

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To Volunteer for a weekend inside, kitchen help, contribute Agape of cookies, posters or financial support please contact Peach Cleary

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